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Dreamy Window 01 clock

Dreamy Window 01 clock

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Dreamy Window 01 clock

I feel the sea breeze and dream up my cloudy (or watery) wonderland.

Clock with Surreal AI art

It's always art o'clock when your clock is a work of art.
It isn’t just a wall decor, but narrates your unique tale, sparks invigorating dialogues, and fuels your creativity.
An adventure ready to unfold, for those who love the mystery of the cloud.

What’s included?

– 1 wall clock
|| size: 10.25 in. – 26 cm (2 in. depth). 3 frame colors are available 

What are the features?

  • Printed polypropylene face made for you when you order
  • Metal hands in your choice of colors
  • Bamboo wood frame in black, white, or natural finish
  • Quartz clock mechanism for accurate timekeeping
  • Clear plexiglass lens
  • Built-in rear hook, ready to hang
  • AA battery not included
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