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Mystery Closet 01 notebook

Mystery Closet 01 notebook

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Mystery Closet 01 notebook

Something strange and beautiful will happen when you open the mystery closet.

Spiral Notebook with Surreal AI Art

Bring an aesthetic touch, most simply with a mysterious Midjourney art by AI artist NaaveelaB.
It doesn’t just accessorize your desk, but narrates your unique tale, sparks invigorating dialogues, and fuels your creativity.
An adventure ready to unfold, for those who love the mystery of the door.

What’s included?

– 1 notebook journal
|| size: 5.5×8.5 in. – 13×21 cm (A5)

What are the features?

  • High-quality spiral notebook
  • Inspiring for Travel – “finding the mystery”
  • Gift of Artistic Expression

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